Driving in my car
 A pace quick quick the wind rush rush 
Near the corner of a coming bend
Push the brakes but not too much
The edge comes into play
Hands grip tight the wheel
Leather black grip fearless too
I know this road I know this road
No need for lights I know the curve
Awesome spectacular roaring sounds
Hood hot pumping fire
Smoke speech glistens road
Awake awake under my nails I'm awake
No frost in my dreams tonight
Slick tires glide into my empire
Of all time

A Long Time Ago
 Did he have a beard?
Was he tall?
Piercing Eyes?
Warm Eyes?
All Eyes?
What kind of voice did he have?
How did he walk?
Slowly with purpose?
Quickly afraid?
What kind of smile?
Where are your footprints?
Words passed through centuries
I hope they've stayed you
No one else smudged the meaning in you
The pain still tastes fresh
After all these years
The people never left
Your body alone
You escaped from within
The formless self
Into the best place
The place we all want to strive for
Will we?

Monday Night
 On the verge on the verge of something I do not know 
In a dark world that is stranger than most
The cold air of an Arctic morning
Bleeding sun the crack of ice moving under
Nothing stops this island moving forward
Moving Forward


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